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Geoffrey 'Geo' de Jong


Born and raised in the Eastern part of Holland, named Zwolle, but now a proud imported resident of the big harbor city Rotterdam.
Every second that is passing by, is a second closer to the deadline of your life. I am therefore well aware that the time you invest in something or someone can only be spent once.
This is why I consciously invest my precious time in entrepreneurship, where I prefer to engage in video, documentary, website and event projects regarding the areas of mindfulness, spirituality, Indian philosophy, Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga and meditation.

As a freelancer I like to grant my expertise as a:

#freelance Video Maker
#freelance Video Editor
#freelance Meditation Teacher
#freelance Yoga Teacher: Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga | 200 YTT @ Rishikesh, India

During my various projects I have drunk, leaked, burned and devoured:

Organic cups of tea
Drops of sweat
Burned calories
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Freelancer for hire! You can hire me regarding (temporary) assignments and projects.

    Freelance Videomaker

    Website visitors are very visually set, research has shown that the conversion rate increases handsomely through the good application of film content on a website. Video sells! I post-product, shoot and edit short video productions that can help promote or sell your website/services or products. Would you like to show a product review, introduction or interview on your website? Maybe I can do something for you here...

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      Freelance Video Editor

      You did write the script, you shot the raw material and now you're ready to make the magic happen! The problem is that you don't know how to edit all of the raw video material and convert it into a story telling piece of art.  As a freelance video editor, I can help you with this process. In consultation I make sure that the video is insync with the authenticity of the company or yourself as a professional.

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      Questions regarding my services?



      HappyZenHeart is a video production company based in Rotterdam. We are specialized in making video productions for websites and social media regarding events with mindfulness, spirituality and coaching interests.

      Think about events about: yoga (asana), meditation (dhyana), Hinduism, Buddhism, coaching topics (for example: stress, burn-outs and the law of attraction), spirituality (for example: NDE’s – Near Death Experiences, God, Aura’s etc.) and writers of spiritual books.

      Promo video’s for your event
      We’re making short promo video’s to promote and announce your upcoming event, usable on websites and social media channels.

      Aftermovie for your event
      We also shoot aftermovies for your event which can be used for a life time long memory, but of course also to use as promotional material for an upcoming event in the near future!

      Introduction video’s
      Last but not least we also produce short introduction video’s for entrepreneurs (ZZPers of Freelancers) who are specialized in offering services based on mindfulness. Such as a yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, therapist, coach (regarding both mental and physical health) and writers of mindfulness/spiritual books. (b-to-c) -website where visitors can see which events, lectures and workshop taking place in the field of mindfulness, spirituality and coaching. (Dutch only) (b-to-b) -website where event companies can view services regarding videos for events, lectures and workshops in the field of mindfulness, spirituality and coaching. (Dutch only)

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      Would you rather meet me face-to-face? This is also possible, only by appointment. I will personally make sure there will be a hot cup of tea, waiting for you. I would love meeting you, at Tribes (Huli) Rotterdam Centraal Station.

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