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Geoffrey ‘Geo’ de Jong 
People always say that an image says more a thousand words could ever do. But if the images are lifeless: Lacking a compelling storyline or certain emotions a viewer can resonate with, is this quote still applicable? 

Ever since my obsession for film charactersemotions and a catching storyline kicked in, I’ve been hooked on making video productions 
What helped me out a lot, was spending hours on hours watching Japanese anime, Hollywood- and Bollywood movies (Indian cinema) and documentoriesFrom here on, my passiondevotion and love has been born to produce videos…  

HappyZenHeart: My other online business.

After making videos for clients, I’m also engaged in developing and selling online courses regarding personal development and growth.
For now, the online courses are only available in Dutch, but eventually will be available in English too! (b-to-c)

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