Providing a swift, but probably much needed, uppercut to your conscious mind, to tap into the unbounded possibilities of your subconscious mind is what I love to do. This, with only one clear goal in mind: creating healthy and positive habits, which will give you the chance to see your conditioned world through different eyes.


As a Videographer, E-Learning Creator, Yogi and Entrepreneur myself, I consider this outline to be like a mantra throughout my videos, e-learning content, podcast episodes and online meditations. Whatever I create, it always comes back to waking up the mind, because it’s time to shine! ?

WHY I’M DOING THIS: The first 5 seconds of a video production captivates the attention of the viewer in an instant, a video production with the right special effects meets more than the eye, but a video production with a solid story line speaks to the soul.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU: I can bring out the best of your unique personality, business or product on video so your viewers get to know the real, authentic and raw YOU behind your service. This eventually results in trust and more important: a connection with your viewers, customers or clients.

WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: Videos with a deeper meaning produced with a green screen, a teleprompter, drone, LAV- and pistol mic. Whatever you need!


Gaze over my portfolio of videos I made over the years. They may not be perfect by any stretch, but I poured blood, sweat and tears in every one of them!

Here you can find the last 10 video productions of my collection over the years. If you want to see more of my produced videos, please visit my Vimeo account!


Creating online learnings, such as online workshops, online courses, online programs and online lessons is what I love to get my hands on.


Like The Buddha once said: “TO LEARN IS TO GROW!”


Because without obtaining knowledge, there is no conscious experiencing and without these two there is no wisdom to own.

WHY I’M DOING THIS: Nowadays online learning methods are a common and proven way of obtaining knowledge next to the regular educational system. When you’re running a yoga school for instance, it’s not exceptional to also provide online teachings and classes next to the regular offline classes. With e-learnings, upgrading your skills has become more and more flexible and mobile.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU: I can help you set up an e-learning regarding your expertise which suits you best. It’s also a legacy what you are going to leave behind and will always be accessible to students. The beautiful thing with e-learning products are that they’re also an asset: a one-time-investment which will pay itself back eventually!

WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: Online workshops, courses and presentations with a BANG, scripted and produced from A-Z.

WHY I’M DOING THIS: I consider it as my soul mission to educate myself on these subjects and pass on whatever knowledge, experience and wisdom I’m obtaining along the way.

HOW I CAN HELP YOU: I love collaborating on workshops or finetuning your own yoga business.

WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: A lot of experience on the subject the matter, like knowledge of India as a nation, its language, customs, Hindu philisophy, Bollywood movies and of course the vedic aspects.


As a yogi, I love traveling to India and Indonesia to 1-UP my knowledge and experience about the yogic philosophy and Hindu lifestyle. During my online workshops and podcast talks, I often chat about these mind blowing ancient and vedic topics.

I’m providing online as well as offline meditation classes/ workshops, including sound healing with singing bowls and lectures about the yoga philosophy and the power and influence of the subconscious mind.

The yoga philosophy stems from over 5000 years ago and has slowly but steady embedded its way into western civilization. Asanas (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques to align the chakras), Dharana (using your willpower and concentration abilities) and Dhyana (meditation) are nowadays well known and established practices during mindfulness classes and more.


I was always keen on building a business up from A to Z. This translated over the years into an E-Learning platform (HappyZenHeart) and a webshop (HappyZenHome), which both are inspired by the yogic and Vedic philosophy.

Furthermore, I’m always burying myself, on an almost daily frequency, into books with topics about personal growth, online marketing, mindset and business. Some strategies I learned from those books, I often apply on my businesses to experience the benefits first hand. If not, then it’s back to the drawing boards of course!

WHY I’M DOING THIS: I love building nothing into something. This way I really reap the benefits of learning and growing on the job. Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not a one time fling!


HOW I CAN HELP YOU: I love connecting with other entrepreneurs and collaborating on podcasts and other temporary freelance jobs regarding  mindfulness, personal growth, education or health based businesses.


WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE: Being an entrepreneur with a mindset focused on the deeper meaning of life!