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Audio Gear

Sennheiser EW 112P G4-B

What a treat for the ears this LAV mic is! For interviews or someone who’s on stage for a speech I always use the Sennheiser EW 112P G4-B attached to my SLR camera. This way I know for certain I’m having a crispy clear sound! Sound is 50% of experiencing a video, if its way off, the viewer will certainly not watch the whole video until the end. That’s why I knew right of the bet, this investment was worth its reputation.

sE Electronics ProMic Laser

At times when I don’t use my LAV Mic and I need surrounding sounds from the environment, I use the pistol microphone, named the sE Electronics ProMic Laser on my SLR camera.

Trust Emita GTX 252

For voice-overs I use a studio microphone, called the Trust Emita GTX 252, which captures the sound of the voice so that I can use this audio during post production.

Blue Microphones Yeti

For recording all of my podcasts, with or without guests, I use this gem of a USB- microphone. This silver bullet, named the Blue Microphones Yeti, has been proven to be a very valuable asset to record audio in four different settings:

Stereo: for musicians,
Bidirectional: for podcasts with one other guest,
Omnidirectional: for field recordings,
Cardioid: for voiceovers.






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