Hogeschool Inholland Rotterdam
Training: HBO, Media & Entertainment Management (MEM)
Period: 2003 – 2007

The bachelor’s program Media and Entertainment Management (MEM) covers the commercial and organizational side of (mass) media and entertainment productions in general. You will learn to do market research, to draw up budgets and to conclude legal contracts. How do you send a creative team? What are the trends in the field of media and entertainment? What measures are needed to stay in large production within budget and time limits? At the end of the training you will know how to deal with these issues and you can get started in the television, events, music, radio and crossmedia branche.

HBO Graduation Project (Thesis & Practical Assignment): the added value of mindfulness as a brand and media product. Made for the Dutch magazine ParaVisie based in Hilversum.
Final result: 8.3


Deltion College Zwolle
Education: MBO Level 4, International Wholesale

International trade is all about the import and export of goods. You have to be able to estimate what the foreign need for domestic products is and what kinds of interesting things there are for sale at home and abroad. You should also be well aware of exchange rates, customs regulations, transport options, etc.

During the education you get acquainted with purchasing and sales, international cooperation, financing and international transport. Purchasing and sales, logistic processes, financing and (international) transport, implementing the organization’s policies, managing the flow of goods and the stock, coordinate sale activities and implement them and coordinate the sales handling and executing it.



Yoga Teacher – 200YTT – World Peace Yoga School
Location: Rishikesh, India
Period: May 2018

A 200-hour yoga training that trained me to become an officially accredited yoga teacher. I got training according to The 8 Limb Yoga Path of Patanjali and followed Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga regarding asana classes. In addition, the following yoga aspects were also discussed: philosophy, meditation, pranayama, ayurveda, anatomy and yoga body alignment.

All information regarding 200YTT Yoga Teacher Training Training.



TV College: Camjo (Camera Journalist)

Location: Hilversum
Period: March – April 2018

Nowadays, there is a lot of need for a one-man-wrecking crew, when it comes down to short but powerful video productions. When, around 10 years ago, you needed at least three production members (camera operator, soundman and director) to put together a video item, the so-called camjo’s are being used today.
The camjo possesses all three qualities in one single person, making the production of video items faster and more efficient. The camjo controls the preproduction, video shooting on location, asking the right questions (thus possesses journalistic skills) and can edit the video into a nice and fluent end product.

At the end of this training, the participants have an overview of the qualities that the Camjo must master. The lessons were given by a renowned program maker, cameraman, reporter and director.

The training gives insight into all kinds of aspects that come with the creation of a reportage. The following sections were discussed:

  • Shot Lining
  • ENG camera
  • Interviewing
  • Basic Light
  • Basic Sound
  • Report creation
  • Associating and visualizing
  • Scenario
  • Writing text
  • Research and production
  • Mounting



Mourning Processing
Period: February 2018 – present

I have followed this course in support of my coaching and end of life activities.
Many people today still experience issues with their lives through a traumatic event from their past that had to do with the death of a loved one.

This course went completely into the depths of what different ways there are to deal with mourning, the different ways how a person responds to loss and how to help them best, to give death a place in their own lives and let them be more grounded in life again.

The following subjects were discussed:

  • Mourning and the additional phenomena
  • The involvement of people in the environment
  • Mourning Rituals in Europe
  • Mourning rituals in other cultures
  • Mourning only in the loss of a man
  • Mourning processing – working on the mourning
  • The description of mourning in phases
  • Shock, the earthquake after loss
  • The self-control of a grieving
  • Dealing with the self-control of a grieving
  • Release emotions of mourners
  • Unrest, anger and guilt of mourners
  • Organised action – problem for many mourners
  • Reorganization – The start of a changed life
  • Reorganization and practical questions
  • Shelter for mourners – possibilities to find comfort and guidance
  • Dealing with the self-control of a grieving



Life Coach
Period: July – September 2017
result exam: 7

During the following course I learned the basics of steering, guiding and helping clients in the role of a Life Coach.

Helping people finding themselves again in this way to make their own choices easier and more conscious in their lives, ran like a thread through this course. Also helping people to cope with setbacks in a mindfulness/holistic way was part of this course.

The following parts were discussed in the Life Coach course:

  • Introduction to Life Coaching
    A brief introduction to life coaching and the fields of application of this course.
  • Basic Coaching Skills
    This includes the structure of a conversation and a coaching program, and you learn a number of techniques for conducting a conversation, such as listening, summarizing, by asking (LSD), and giving feedback.
  • Advanced Coaching Skills
    After learning the basics, your knowledge of coaching is deepened with complementary techniques such as provocative coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Rationally Emotive Eherapy (RET).
  • Start your own practice
    When you want to work as an independent life coach, in this section you will learn a number of entrepreneurial skills, professional ethics, and write an entrepreneurial plan.
  • Marketing
    In this section you’ll learn a number of sales techniques and learn how to reach customers, for example by websites, social media or advertisements.



Hospice Love: End of Lif Care (course 10)
Location: Rotterdam
Period: September – November 2017

During this course I was trained to become a teacher/coach by following six training days.
This course consisted of twelve participants. Because of this number, there was especially a lot of attention for everyone individually regarding their own insights, stories and opinions.

This course offered the opportunity to combine learning and gaining practical experience in end of life care. Many of the participants during the course of Hospice Love are going to have practical experience in a hospice or palliative department of their own choice near them. After completing the course, participants can volunteer to work in a palliative department.

Hospice Love works in the learning corridors with mindfulness and silence. They devote a lot of attention to your personal experiences memories of ‘ old age, sickness and death ‘. Participants also share their own personal and intimate experiences in respect and value speaking and listening from the heart.

In practical terms, during the entire course of the curriculum, we worked through and with:

– Visualizations
– Bodywork
– Role-playing games


TV College: Documentary 1
Location: Hilversum
Period: January – March 2017

Unlike ‘ the reportage ‘ which is a short journalism report of a particular subject, appropriate in a TV section, there is more to pay attention to regarding creating and developing  a documentary.

The training gives insight into all kinds of aspects that come with the making of a documentary. The following sections are discussed:

– Theory documentary
– Different narrative forms
– Film plan, research, synopsis, screenplay and roadmap
– Funds, producers and broadcasters
– Assembly

At the end of the training the participants have an overview of the qualities that a documentary maker must master. The lessons are given by a renowned documentary maker.


CREA: Screenplay Writing Documentary
Location: Amsterdam
Period: January – March 2015

This course is an introduction to the process of documentary making, from idea to final product.
How do you assess whether certain subject is interesting for a documentary? How do you go about your own involvement in the subject? How do you develop a specific perspective and how do you organize the information you want to transfer to a convincing, cinematic whole? And how does the preparation for a documentary relate to the recording and the montage?

Films and film fragments are used to treat different styles and dramatic principles. It also examines the difference with informative, enlightening or educational programs.
In addition, you’ll learn about the approach of your research and practice working out an idea into a film plan in several steps: from premise/logline, synopsis/outline to a treatment/scenario.


Inholland Masterclass: Television
Location: Diemen
November 2011

The developments of the medium television. Every day ‘the television’ presents a mirror of the world in which we live and we get to see a perspective from somewhere else in the world to literally near by around the corner. During the masterclass we will zoom in on the phenomenon of ‘Reality TV’, with which we want to show the other side of the ‘real’ life.

Topics: manipulation and power of media, storytelling and storylines, the human image in (reality) television, the television stardom, news and topicality, special people in ordinary situations and ordinary people in special situations.

Teachers: Harm Smit and Eric J.A. Goossens


Inholland Masterclass: Social Media
Location: Diemen
Year: November 2011

Nowadays we become more aware of the existence of social media. What are the latest developments? Is it a hype or a future? How do you get more benefits out of social networks? What strategies can you follow? How do you go about content that is seen by multiple audiences? The art of storytelling, strategic thinking, control over the channels are being covered. This masterclass tells you about how we will do it now and in the future.

Teacher: Rob Prass


Inholland Masterclass: Radio
Location: Diemen
Period: November 2011

Radio is a flexible and fast medium. Radio can be heard everywhere (home, car, work, mobile) and makes a listener get involved within a second. Especially the combination with image (webcam) and info via social media makes that radio remains a popular medium.
Unlike other media, radio revenues are still growing and the former popular TV channels like MTV and TMF are being pushed. How do things stand? What does radio mean in the future and how can you involve radio in, for example, marketing plans? This masterclass gives an answer to all of those questions.

Teacher: Mary Van Tol


Inholland Masterclass:
Strategic Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Location: Diemen
Period: November 2011

The emphasis is on developing a strategic marketing plan, regarding your own online marketing strategy. During this masterclass, various steps are taken to enable a company to be placed on the market. It will focus on various techniques, possible starting points, in-and external analyses and the subsequent determination of the strategy.
Also, diving into deepening and focusing on the changing dialogue with the consumer will be treated.

Teachers: Marianne Robben and Karen Raghavan