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Hire a Freelance Video Editor from Rotterdam!

Packed your video equipment? Check. Battery 100% charged? Check. Enough empty memory cards? Double check. Now you’re ready for the big adventure: call out your inner Steven Spielberg from the deepest caverns of your creativity to create a gorgious video item!
Whether this is a short introduction video for a company or an entrepreneur, an interesting vlog for YouTube or a compelling documentary: well prepared going on the road saves you a lot of inconvenience surprises. Even though you are very well skilled at shooting videos in the field, it’s really the editing that will make your material look like a Da Vinci painting!

Video editing: the magic happens here!

How do you tell a story with your video? Where does a viewer connect with the story? How long should the average playing time be to keep the viewer interested? What music is best suited to the ambiance?

All the answers to these questions are created in the editing room. The magic of connecting the viewer to your video content takes place here. Did you know that an editor does, on average, one hour over just one minute of  final video? This includes optimization of the sound,  colour correction and special effects.

Conversion: Videos VS Webtext

The video editing process is therefore very crucial when it comes to get the viewer engaged enough to the point where he would like to make a purchase regarding your product of service.

Nowadays, the common website visitor has an average attention span of only three minutes. Plain and simple: there are only 180 seconds to tempt a website visitor in committing a conversion. Whether this is filling in the contact form, subscribing to the newsletter or making a purchase, everything can be of value to a customer.
Website visitors only actually read webtexts when they would like to purchase an expensive purchase, such as a washing machine, a car or a computer. But if this is not the case, they will more likely scan written content.

This is why a good internet video offers so many possibilities to boost the average website visiting time of a (potential) customer. In general human beings are more interested and triggered by video nowadays. This is why website videos are the future and therefore increasingly swapping places with images and written content. A video says more than a 1000 words can and will ever do.

What can I do for you as a Freelance Video Editor?

Should your video have been shot, but you don’t know how to tell a story with your video footage? As a freelance video editor, I can let the magic work and create a beautiful, fitting and unique video for you.
In consultation I make sure that the video is made according to you wishes and is aligned with the authenticity of the company or yourself as a professional.

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My video projects
To get a clear picture of my way of working, it is obviously more convenient to meet me in person. But to view my work you are just a click away! Feel free to check out my portfolio videos!

Interested in freelance video editing?
If you would like to contact me regarding to your own video projects, please contact me using the contact form below.

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