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Nowadays, moving images in the form of video have increasingly gained ground on the internet. You just have to open your social media and the personal and individual videos start to pop up everywhere! Video is a very suitable tool to promote short and powerful message as a small company or entrepreneur to promote yourself as a business of your unique product or service. Video has arrived and it’s here to stay!

Videos speak louder than words

About ten years ago, website visitors still took the time to read whole texts, around 2018 this is no longer the case.
Website visitors are lazy. They scan texts more than they actually really read it. In fact, the purpose of a website text is more meant for the search engines, like Google for example, than to read it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is being found organically thanks to certain keywords, now occupies the number 1 top priority of marketing websites.

Nowadays, website visitors are much more stimulated and linger on a website by means of video images. Video is a very suitable medium to promote a service or a product. Also, the conversion rate is higher when video footage is added to a web page. Internet videos are usually short movies with an average playing time between 3 and 5 minutes, which you can see as a digital snack: small, tasty and quick to digest! Its goal is to make a visitor curious, to take action or to make a purchase.

Why video for your business?

Video is a fragile medium, because as an entrepreneur for example, you’re transparent in any way. After all, you can’t hide yourself behind a phone call or a prominent logo that is showing off on a website. The viewer sees the face behind the company literally and figuratively! But know that this is bringing many advantages with it.
Regardless of the size of the company, customers do not want to deal with a robot, but with someone who is a human being. A video of professional quality will ensure that the company, the entrepreneur or the expert becomes more transparent and more people create a bond with the company or the entrepreneur this way.

Benefits of a business video:

+ videos are easier to distribute via social media channels
+ videos on YouTube are quickly findable in organic search engines
+ videos are more likely to get the attention of the viewer
+ videos are conversion increasing
+ videos show the human aspect behind a company/expertise

How can I assist you as a Freelance Film Maker?

Introduction Videos: Short videos where an entrepreneur explains his/her service. Questions like: ‘ Who are you? ‘, ‘ What do you do? ‘, ‘ Where are you located/Do you operate? ‘ and ‘ How can customers reach you? ‘ are answered herein.
Promotion Videos: videos in which more attention is given to a service, such as an upcoming event that is still going to take place. These videos usually serve as a promotion and can be used for marketing.
Interview Videos: An interview with a entrepreneur/company about his experiences or an interview with a writer of an upcoming book, are besides informative also very useful and interesting to view. These interview videos are usually intended to show people behind a service/product or book with the aim of forging a link between the interviewed and the viewer. These videos usually work very positive regarding conversion and ultimately provide more brand awareness.

What does a video for internet cost?

For a video with an average playing time of 3 to 5 minutes, the average cost is between €700 and €3000. The costs differ so much from each other because the price depends on the number of employees involved, the number of working hours, the equipment used and of course the quality of the video itself.
Because of the fact that I am the director, cameraman, sound man and editor in one package, the costs are drastically reduced.

€850,- excl. VAT

More videos = more discount!
1 * Video = €850,-(standard rate) excl. VAT
2 * Video = €1600,-(€800,-per video) excl. VAT
3 * Video = €2250,-(€750,-per video) excl. VAT

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My video projects
To get a clear picture of my way of working, it is obviously more convenient to meet me in person. But to view my work you are just a click away! Feel free to check out my portfolio videos.

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