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Learning never stops. Since the day we’ve been born, we start with taking in all kinds of impressions: by hearing, by looking, by smelling, by tasting and by feeling. Every human being is striving to become the best version of themselves in life. But of course, this will definitely not come easy.
Information leads to new perspectives. New perspectives leads to new visions. New visions leads to learning. And eventually to new choices. And choices of course, determine the quality of life.

That’s why educating the mind on a regular base is very meaningful to one’s growth in life.

Learning through Online Courses

Nowadays, the world is immersed with the internet. That’s when learning online is a very powerful tool to educate yourself and others around you. The spreading of knowledge has literally no boundaries whatsoever anymore.
As a student you can learn where you want, with whom you want, how much you want and which what tool (mobile phone, computer, audio etc.) you want. There are no limits to learning anymore. That’s why Online Courses are the solution to educating one’s mind and expanding his or her knowledge in a rapid pace.

Why are Online Courses so important?

– enrich your knowledge on a topic of own choice
– learn whenever you want
– learn how you want
– learn on your own pace
– get directly in touch with the online teacher
– online courses are worldwide available (if internet is present)
– 24/7 accessable
– cheaper than a physical local course or workshop
– re-watch content whenever you want too
– online courses are always up-to-date because the online teacher can add new content whenever he/she wishes

Why you should have your own Online Course as an expert

As an expert, coach or teacher, you want to reach as many people as possible with your own and unique knowledge, experience and wisdom. So why not create your own Online Course?

Having an own Online Course has a lot of benefits, such as:
1. A one-time investment of your knowledge, experience and wisdom,
2. Get your Online Course videos being scripted, shot and edited,
3. Let your online- and offline fan- and customer base grow,
4. Spread your own content in a very efficient way to new students,
5. From online to offline: lead your online students to offline activities, such as coaching sessions, workshops, lectures etc.,
6. Add a LIVE webinar to your online course, where you directly can interact with your students,
7. Possibility to sell your e-book or workbooks,
8. An Online Course is an asset which demands a one-time investment of your time and energy, that’ll earn itself back over time.

Hire me as your Online Course Creator!

I can help you set out a blueprint to design your own unique Online Course. In my lifetime, I participated in more than 15 Online Courses, followed the Course Creator Pro course from Parker Walbeck and I organized a lot of workshops.
On top of that, I was a Website designer and marketeer for over 15 years. Add my video skills to the mix and I’m confident I have slowly but surely molded myself into the right professional you could use to design and build your own Online Course by!

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Method to your Online Course blueprint

Interested in designing and building your own Online Course?
Please contact me using the contact form below.

1. First time meeting through Skype or face-to-face and go over your expertise to see if there is potential to make an Online Course of it,
2. Second meeting to discuss the content of your Online Course and make a blueprint,
3. Scripting the whole course (lesson per lesson),
4. Filming and editing the video content,
5. Producing audio content (if needed),
6. Building a WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) to embed your Online Course into,
7. Check up of all the content: text, videos and audio,
8. Officially launch your Online Course,
9. Design five online marketing banners to promote your Online Course,
10. Edit one video teaser of your Online Course,
11. Promote your Online Course on social media!

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Not interested in your own Online Course?

Maybe I can be of service as:
Freelance Video Editor
Freelance Film Maker





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