Food Videos

Food videos: People always say that you are what you eat. Well, to a certain degree they are right. Fortunately, it hasn’t happened yet, that your appearence suddenly transformes into a hamburger, because you solely ate junkfood over the last three days! But, nowadays a lot of citizens of our beautiful planet take healthy and good food more seriously than ever. There are more vegans and vegetarians to be found everywhere around the globe and more restaurants provide more vegetarian meals. Over the last decade or so, my entire meal plan has changed significantly: I am a vegetarian, watch my diet and really pay attention to my nutricion. And I’m proud of it damnit! 😉
That’s why I really enjoy producing videos about a healthy lifestyle where good food plays a huge role and to show the viewers the many healthy food informative videos, food workshops videos or promotional videos of restaurants which business revolves around healthy and tasty food.

Take a peak at some of my videos about good food and restaurants and if you’re interested to do some business: Don’t be shy and contact me to be your Freelance Film Maker – Rotterdam!

Vedisch Koken Workshop (Dutch)
Featuring: Premanandi