Mindfulness Videos

Mindfulness videos: Are you a teacher, expert of public speaker in the business of mindfulness and do you need a mindfulness video which’ll give your business a boost? Since I was 14 years old, I’ve been reading books, I’ve been going to all kinds of workshops, seminars and I’ve been visiting ashrams in Bali (Indonesia) and India to submerge myself with the mindset of mindfulness. Making mindfulness videos is a dream come true for me: To inspire people and let them see their own conditioned world, through different eyes…

Take a peak at some of my mindfulness videos and if you’re interested to do some business: Don’t be shy and contact me to be your Freelance Film Maker – Rotterdam!

Bhagavad Gita SeminarZoals Ze Is‘ (Dutch)
Featuring Vijay Krsna Das & Premanandi

Interview: How does Buddhism fit in our western society? (English)
Featuring Lama Jigmé Namgyal

Interview: What is ‘real’ meditation? (English)
Featuring Lama Jigmé Namgyal

Interview: Why is meditation so important? (English)
Featuring Lama Jigmé Namgyal