During a period of a month (May 2018) I was attending a yoga teacher training course (200YTT) at the Yoga Capital of the World, named: Rishikesh (India). Thanks to the magical environment: the smell of yoga in combination with Indian food, insense and breezes of the holy Mother Ganga river makes this place a very unique one, which will last an impression for a life time!

During this yoga course at the World Peace Yoga School (WPYS), my journey towards becoming a yogi started with a bang. Getting up at 5AM six times a week and practicing the whole yoga philosophy (according to the 8 Limbs of Patanjali) during an average temperature of 42 degrees is certainly no joke at all! Lucky for me I was accompanied with 21 other yogi’s in the making, so we all pulled each other through the hard and sweaty times! Students came from all over the world: Los Angeles, New York, Russia, India, Nepal, Denmark, France, Holland and many more countries which indicates yoga is accepted as a upcoming lifestyle known all across the globe.
During this video I’m taking you with me to where it all started, from waking up, to the famous Laxman Jhula Bridge (including hundreds of crossing people by foot or bike, cows, monkeys and stray dogs), the yoga asanas classes (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques to regulate your prana/energy) and closing with a Bollywood party. Enjoy! Namaskar.